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The business name has a huge impact on how your investors and customers view you! You need to choose a name that is unique and easy to remember! Read this article and find out more!
Your startup or small business needs a suitable name and it may be the most important decision you will ever have to make. The business name has a huge impact on how your investors, your business partners, and your customers view you.
Right or wrong, suitable or not, the name you choose, speaks volumes about your business experience, savvy, and understanding of the new world you are about to enter. In order to choose an appropriate name for your business, there are some rules you need to consider.

Here are the 7 key rules you need to keep in mind when choosing a name for your business:

1. Unique and memorable

Every brand wants a name that is unique and stands out from the crowd, a name that is catchy and will remain unforgettable and fresh over time. This is a real challenge as naming trends constantly change, usually year by year, making unique and timeless business names hard to find or come up with. You need to be as creative as possible. Only by doing so, you will be able to find a name that suits you perfectly. Do you want your business name to be related with an specific topic? Take a look at the variety of possible unique and memorable business names for your store, all you need to do is to click here

2. Avoid unusual spellings

When creating your business name, make sure to stay with words that can easily be remembered and spelled by other people. Some business owners try unusual and strange word spellings to make their business unique, but this is not a smart decision as it may cause troubles when customers Google your company or your products or when they refer your business to others. You need to stay with traditional word spelling and avoid unusual and strange words.

3. Easy to remember

Our advice is to forget nonsense phrases and made-up words. Create a business name that customers can remember and pronounce easily. Stick to simplicity and pick a name that is easy to write, easy to write, and easy to remember.

4. Make some sense

Usually, business owners and entrepreneurs choose business names that are actually nonsense words. Trademark-proof names and quirky words are a huge risk. When choosing a business name, add some sense and ensure it sounds familiar to the people around you.

5. Favor common suffixes

People usually assume that your business name is your domain minus the domain name extension .com or the common suffix for your country. If the suffixes you want are not available for the business name you want, you need to choose a name with an alternative suffix such as .infor or .net. Don’t forget to favor common suffixes.

6. Don’t limit yourself

When picking a name for your business you shouldn’t box yourself in. You need to avoid picking business names that don’t let your business to move around. In other words, avoid geographic locations or specific product categories to your new name.

7. Sample potential consumers

This is a very important rule you need to follow. Come up with a few name options and choices and try them out on potential investors, consumers, co-workers, friends, and etc. Ask them different questions about the business name to see if they give the impression or the reaction you want to achieve.
Choosing a name for your business is a very important decision. Try to be as creative as possible, embrace the uniqueness, follow these 7 rules, and come up with the perfect name for your business company.